8:55 PM

Fall has arrived... or has it?

Yesterday, we got a taste of North Carolina's famous bipolar weather. It was 55 degrees in the morning, but mid 70s (felt like 80s) by mid-afternoon. 

In weather situations such as these, it can be a tad confusing when trying to decide what to wear. Your best bet is to always layer so you can remove items as the temperature increases throughout the day, but for myself I tend to mix-match seasonal clothing items. 

I decided to wear a light sweater so my arms and upper body stay warm, while wearing shorts for my bottoms to keep me cool as it gets warmer in the afternoon.

Sweater- forever 21, shorts- Macy's, shoes- thrifted, necklace- Charlotte Russe

 Hopefully by the end of the month, the weather will make up it's mind and I can keep the sweaters and put the shorts up for good!

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