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Well I knew it was coming... Exam Week has arrived! Within this week and the upcoming, I have three exams scheduled and two of them are on back-to-back days. Least to say, I'll be spending most of my free time I won't have much time to decide what to wear for class the mornings before my exam.

If you're like me and hold the same philosophy, I believe that when you look you're best, you perform your best; so I usually strive to dress stylish yet comfy.  It may be tempting after an all-nighter to just throw on some comfy yoga pants and a tee and head out the door, but studies have shown that wearing clothes you  associate with power and confidence can boost performance!

Since I know I won't have time to decide the morning of, I went ahead and laid out my outfits for my upcoming exam days:

  • My rule of thumb is stylish yet comfy! Dark jeggings are perfect, they are comfortable like leggings and dark jeans always look classy in a casual way.
  • A chambray shirt to keep me warm with unpredictable classroom temperatures 
  • A romper with a fun print is perfect for days I feel like being lazy, but want to look like I put effort into my look
  • D'orsay flats are super comfy yet trendy!

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