5:58 PM

Each year we celebrate with a Monday of rest and relaxation to commemorate the efforts and labor of our workers--- Labor Day!

And oh how I love Labor Day... it comes as well needed break at  the perfect time in the start of a new semester. This particular semester is officially my first as post-baccalaureate student, and although I just graduated college a few months ago, I sometimes feel as if I've been out of school for a few years. In preparation for medical school, I'm taking physiology, organic chemistry and physics this semester and I've been working non-stop!

Labor Day has been the light at the end of the tunnel of a very long week. And what a better way to spend it outside enjoying the last of Summer at the zoo! It was the perfect Lazy Monday... even the were animals taking some R&R.

(Lion naptime)

After working so hard, whether it's physical labor or mental labor, we all deserve a nice break every once in a while!

Hope your Labor day is filled with happiness, joy and gloss.

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