I honestly feel like this has been one of the hottest summers and if you thought July was hot, it has nothing on August!

I'm normally a lover of dark, and warm muted colors but nice and light colors are best for keeping cool. today is the last day of August,  but summer hasn't officially ended yet, and although my mom loves to tell me to wear my white pants before Labor Day, I have no plans in packing them away after September 5th!


Although I'm not headed back to campus this August (I'll return for spring semester), I love back to school shopping! It was a tradition with my dad, since my mom worked during the weekdays, he would take back to school shopping and when my mom would come home, I would basically have a fashion show and try on all the outfits I've picked out that day (my love for trying on clothes has yet to die lol!)

In this post, in honor of my timeless tradition, I styled a post of 3 classic outfits that show you're campus ready!

Outfit 1: Basic Striped Oxford and White Shorts and a Jean Jacket

Outfit 2: Comfy T-Shirt Dress and Lace up Flats

Outfit 3: Canadian Tuxedo with a unique choker necklace


If you haven't heard the news yet, People Style Watch Magazine and Charming Charlie collaborated to create the most adorable capsule collection and I'm too excited! The collection was announced this week on Wednesday, and although it is limited edition, Charming Charlie will be rolling out new pieces throughout the fall!

The Collection is the definition of a capsule collection, in that these pieces are classic and will never go out of style. The collection centers around a red, black, white and leopard scheme, the perfect fall style! I particularly love these classic combos because you can create a variety of looks with them and because I consider leopard and all of other animal prints nudes, I'm even more ecstatic!

The best thing about this collection is not only is it classic, but it's at Charming Charlie, so you know the pieces are affordable and not a piece in the collection is over $50, and with each piece being so timeless, you won't feel bad about splurging when you buy more than a few items and you'll definitely want to buy more than a few lol!

In today's post, I decided to style a classic black and white outfit to showcase the leopard watch I purchased from the collection. I've always wanted a leopard watch and this one was only $18 and I have so many more outfit ideas swirling in my head to wear with it!

Leopard Flats- Charlotte Russe (on sale for $5.99)
Clutch- Charming Charlie

Watch- Charming Charlie


I'm in love with this slit-sleeve drop waist dress that I found for $8 at Gabe's.  Do you guys have a Gabe's near you?! If so, definitely check them out. They have an amazing selection of Popular brands at great/discounted prices. I could spend all day and way too much money if I could!

I found this super cute Fringe purse from Goodwill, and it was brand new and an amazing find!

Wishing you all a life full of happiness, joy and gloss

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