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Hi Guys,
It's the Tuesday after Labor Day, this is the Mondayest Tuesday by far! I love 3-day weekends, but the struggle is real when trying to return to the actual work-week. Once I managed to drag myself out of bed, I tried to get some studying in for the MCAT. I must admit, I have been slacking lately, and I am behind in my study schedule, but I know myself and accounted for this and that's why I decided to stretch my studying out a little longer than the average student.

Anyhow, I took my first practice exam this evening, and I'll admit, I was nervous and I had been putting it off for weeks, but I knew I needed some baseline score to really know where I stand in my strengths and weakness.

Here it is:

To be honest, this is kinda of exactly what I expected to score. I honestly haven't taken General Chemistry in 5 years and physics just goes over my head, so I'm not surprised at all that my score in Chem/Phys is 121, I had hoped to score higher on the Bio/Biochem and Psyc/Soc sections because those were my field of study in college and I just finised Biochem this summer, but I'm not done with my content review so I'm not too displeased. I also realize that I need to spend more time on CARS and brush up on my reading and comprehension (this tends to be the section that frustrates most MCAT takers). 

Overall, it was a nice to get my feet wet, see how the test is formatted and identify my weaknesses early on. I do, however have to remember that this practice test was extremely abbreviated (only 2.5 hours and honestly I finished in 1.5) so as I get closer to my test date, I'll be taking the actual 7-8 Full Length exams to get a more realistic experience. 

Hope you all aren't feeling the Tuesday after Labor Day Blues

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  1. It is very important to work on these types of practice tests when preparing for any exam. It helps to evaluate one’s level of preparation and to get used to the exam pattern. I have been preparing for the Bar exams at one of the best Bar Review Courses, and they also put us through practice tests every week.


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