12:00 AM

Happy Monday!

I've been picked on forever due to me being height challenged... but I have to admit, I love being short! I really do think of myself as fun-sized and although being petite may have its challenges in the fashion world, where all the models are at least a foot taller than me, there are its advantages!

- shopping the kids section (I love the Girls section of Target)
- always finding my shoe size... ladies with larger sizes seem to always struggle but my size 6 is always there!
- wearing knee high boots as thigh highs
- wearing shirts/ sweaters as dresses

In today's post, I'm taking advantage of my shortness and wearing my favorite OTK boots and Sweater (Dress) from Charlotte Russe... paired with my boots, the sweater is just long enough for me to wear as a dress!

Sometimes it's not so bad to be the Thumbelina Sized!

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