Hi Guys,
It's mid-November and it's been a while since I've written a post about my journey to medical school so I thought I'd give an update.

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The wait to hear back from medical school is just as excruciating as the wait for a new GOT season!

I wrote a post about my recent summer experience at UNC School of Medicine MED program (you can find the post about it here). The medical school application opened in May and submission was allowed in June, but I wanted all my focus on doing well in the program so I held off until I returned home in late July, but I didn't officially submit my AMCAS application until mid-August.

This was NOT the plan, but life happened... such as my dad getting a bad wound infection that developed into necrotizing fasciitis (faint of heart: don't google) that required him to be hospitalized for 5 weeks and other 4 weeks of rehabilitation, so I ended up working on many of my secondary applications in his hospital room. He returned home about a month ago but he still needs daily wound care and at home rehab... so I took longer than I liked to submit many of my secondaries. But in spite of setbacks in my timeline and life events, I got all my applications in and received 2 Interview Invites so far! Both are my interviews are scheduled after Thanksgiving so I'll let you guys know how they go!

Wish me luck!


It's that time of year again! Halloween is only a weekend away and although I spend all year thinking about what I'm going to be and pinning ideas on Pinterest, it never fails that I wait until the last 1-2 weeks to decide on a costume. That would be fine if I wanted to just run into Party City or Walmart to buy a costume, but I love to DIY plus all the good costumes have been picked over by the non-procrastinating Halloween shoppers so it's nearly impossible to find anything good. But don't fear, if you're like me and waited because, in today's post, I've put together 3 costume ideas that are quick, and CHEAP!


Silence is Golden, and so is this easy costume! I bet you already have all of these items in your closet, that if you wake up next week and realize it's October 31st, you have a costume all ready to go!

  • Striped Shirt
  • Back Pants
  • Red Beret
  • Suspenders (I DIYed mine but I actually found some in Walmart's Halloween section for $3)
  • White Gloves (So I'm guessing you don't have these laying around... neither did I! Purchased for $4 at my local Halloween shop)
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Red Lipstick
  • Awkard Hand motions and facial expressions!


Earlier this month, Twitter got into a heated debate about this classic candy! But whether you love candy corn or think it should be flushed down the toilet, you'll look sweet in this easy costume, and even the candy corn haters will get a toothache!

  • 3 Large T-shirts (I got mine from Goodwill)
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Orange
  • Party Hat (painted white with craft paint)
  • White Tights (optional)
You can either put some sewing skills to the test or break out the fabric glue for this DIY! Cut the top of the orange shirt and attach it to the middle of the white shirt and do the same with the yellow, but attach it to the bottom of the orange shirt to follow the Candy Corn pattern. Top with your white party hat. I also paired my shift with white tights to keep my legs warm!


All eyes will be on you in the center of the Ring, like a Circus in this costume! This one requires a little more work because you'll need an old Red Jacket or Blazer you don't mind cutting up and decorating! 

  • Red Jacket or Blazer (Again, I found mine at good ole Goodwill)
  • Gold Fringe and Decorative Trim
  • Black Hat
  • Black Shorts or Pants
  • Black Fashion tights (if you decide to wears shorts)
  • Black OTK or tall boots
  • DIY Riding Crop (cat dangle toy found at Dollar Store)
I ended up cutting the back of my blazer to give it that Tuxedo Tailcoat look and stitched the sides up with a sewing machine. And hot glue the fringe on the shoulders to make to Epaulettes! The Jacket was the only thing I had to DIY and it was pretty simple!

Be sure to check out my DIY Halloween Costumes post from last year for some more quickie costumes!

Hope you guys have a spooktackular Halloween!


Happy Monday!
It's a wet and chilly one in Charlotte today, but that's okay, my sweaters were starting to feel neglected just hanging there in my closet. In today's post, I'm wearing two cold-shoulder sweaters I recently purchased and I'll be sharing a few other cutes one I like!

Cream Cable Knit Cold-Shoulder Sweater

I paired this cream cable knit Cold-Shoulder sweater with my favorite distressed maroon jeans I bought from Charlotte Russe last year, a dark brown hat (stole from my dad's closet), and some taupe booties. I felt very much like Fall, especially with dark lip (LAX from Colourpop)

Mauve Braided Cold-Shoulder Sweater

I love the color of this sweater! Online it's described as a dusty rose... I paired it with a favorite old pair of jeans (I bought these from Delia's years ago) and my new dark grey OTK boots from Charlotte Russe!

Gray OTK boots- Charlotte Russe

Other Cold-Shoulder Sweaters I Like (all under $30):

Cold Shoulder Dress- Forever 21
How Fun is a cold-shoulder dress?! And I love the burgundy color!

Petite Sparkle Cold Shoulder Sweater
Shimmer Cold Shoulder Sweater- TJ Maxx
This sweater has cute sparkles in it!

Image of Love by Design Cold Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater
Grey Cold- Shoulder Sweater- Haute Look
I love how chunky the cable knit is in this sweater!

Pink Cold Shoulder Sweater- JustFab Online
I love to wear deep colors and neutrals in the Fall, but I fell for the light pink color of this sweater and I love the little bowties at the shoulder!


Happy Friday the 13TH! Do you guys know that there were only 2 Fridays on the 13th day of a month this year! And I'm so excited that this year one happened to be in October! Having the superstitious day in October feels like two Halloweens in one month!
To celebrate I had actually planned on going to see the new film: Happy Death Day that premieres tonight! But I actually got to attend an advanced screening and let me tell you this movie is the perfect thriller/horror flick for tonight and this month! I jumped, screamed (I tried to be quiet) and mostly laughed! I love a horror movie that keeps me on the edge but also is comedic! Think Groundhog Day, Scream and a mix of Mean Girls! I definitely recommend it and if you're for something scary but not terrifying! Normally I self-ban horror movies because I won't be able to sleep for at least 2 days 😂

Also if you're looking for so more flicks for tonight or the rest of October, these are my 13 favorites (in no particular order):

1. Rosemary's Baby (Classic and Remake)
2. The Haunted Mansion
3. Twitches
4. Evil Dead (Remake)
5. The Little Vampire
6. Underworld Series
7. Hocus Pocus (I was not happy to hear about a remake in the works!)
8. Van Helping
9. Halloweentown (the first and second ones are the best!)
10. Orphan
11. Coraline
12. The Orphanage (Spanish movie)
13. The Shining (of course I had to include a Stephen King film)


Happy Monday!
This weekend was so rainy now that Hurricane Nate finally hit land that I was unsure if I would be even able to leave the house! But I did beat the rain yesterday and visited my local pumpkin patch! I love going to the pumpkin patch every year, there's something in the experience of picking a pumpkin where it grows and I love seeing all the families out with their kids, pulling and pushing wagons full of pumpkins! It such a classic fall experience!

Top- Forever 21 (and its only $10.90)

I love white pumpkins and was so excited to spot one!

My friend DMed me telling me my outfit looked like Freddy Krueger...
I didn't even notice when I put it on, but I totally see it after she pointed it out lol!


Sweater Weather has officially arrived! Cable-Knit, Cardigans, Off-the- Shoulder, Ruffles... I love them all and I'm so siked that the temperature is finally dropping so that I can actually dress for the season and not bake like a pumpkin pie lol! 

In today's post, I'm wearing one of my favorite new sweaters from Charlotte Russe. I love wearing mustard in the fall and I love the ruffle detail of this sweater. It's so cute!


Happy Thursday and Happy October!
I'm so excited that October has begun and this past week the temps have dropped and it's really beginning to feel like fall. With that being said, I still live in the south and although we may have a chill in morning and evenings, making us feel all the fall feels, it definitely still feels like summer mid-day, so layering is key. Cardigans and especially lightweight cardigans are perfect for early fall weather in the south!

In today's post, I'm wearing this light knit duster cardigan. It's the perfect fall color, this deep red and I love the way it falls and flows when I walk!

I'm in love with these leopard mule flats from Francesca's!
They're so stylish and inexpensive!


Happy Friday Guys! And also happy national coffee day! Before college, I couldn't even stand the smell of coffee, but being pre-med change my tastes. I've always been Starbucks girl, but lately, I've been loving McDonald's McCafe. Normally I get their mocha or caramel frappe, but last month they rolled out a whole new line with Americanos, Caramel Macchiatos, and even a Pumpkin Spice Latte! And no offense to Starbucks, but I'm cheap and McDonald's is advertising their coffee for $2!

Anyway, in today's post, I wanted to talk last weekend's apple picking trip in the NC Mountains. This was my first time apple picking, but I've been wanting to go for years, and finally made the trip to SkyTop Orchard in Flat Rock, NC. It's a 2-hour drive from Charlotte, but worth it! The orchard is HUGE and so family-friendly. I will admit it got very crowded, but because of the size of the orchard, I never felt like I was on top of anyone.


There were so many apple trees and I never realized the variety of apples there are! SkyTop has a list of available apples on their website if you're looking for a particular type!

I wore my favorite new plaid top from Target!

My friend Alexis came with me on the trip!

This basket seemed small at first, but it held half a bushel of apples...that's nearly 20-22 lbs!
And we carried it throughout the whole arms were so sore the next day!

Apple Cider Donuts! (why I really made the 2-hour drive

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