Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Bell sleeves are a major trend this winter and spring for 2017 and I happen to be a fan! There's something freeing about them when I swing my arms.

Because Bell-Sleeves add a lot of volume up top, I decided to balance out the proportions by wearing skinny jeans! This grey and white striped bell-sleeve top from Charlotte Russe is perfect to wear now and later this spring with it's classic pattern and thin, yet warm and comfortable knit material! You guys will definitely see me in this shirt again!


So if you're like me, you probably bought something metallic or sparkly for the holiday season... now that holiday season has completely ended, you have pieces in your closet that you may have only worn once. Why not keep them in rotation?!

I originally bought this gold metallic skirt for a holiday party that I unfortunately didn't attend because I was too sick so I was determined to make this skirt work with something else in my closet so I could finally wear it!

To keep tone down the skirt and keep the look casual, I paired it with a J.Crew sweater I bought at Goodwill a few years ago (you guys know I love Goodwill Finds!) and my brown ankle boots.


Happy Friday!
I hope everyone enjoyed the short week! Can you believe January is already half way over... 2017 is flying by, I'm going to need the year to slow down a bit!

I love my liquid or faux leather leggings, I probably wear them a few times a week around the house because they're so comfortable! In today's post, I paired them with my favorite winter print: Houndstooth!

Liquid Leggings and Booties - Charlotte Russe
Scarf- Goodwill
Chambray Top- Target
Floppy Hat- Charming Charlie (Out of Stock)

I also topped the look off with my old Shearling Moto Jacket! I bought this jacket a few years ago from Delia's, sadly Delia's went out of business last year but I scoured the web looking for a similar jacket, but had no luck :(


Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, but I must rant a little... 

The long weekend we just had due to Monday being a Holiday and like many long weekends due to Holidays we sometimes forget what we are meant to be celebrating. It broke my heart to hear my 8 year old neighbor tell me he had no idea why we had today off and that he had never heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... of course being me, that meant it was history lesson time! As a black women and an American, I think it's essential that our children know the history of this country and the World. " Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it". I know we get caught up in having an extra day to sleep in and sales in stores, but let's make sure we always take to time to remember the importance of a Holiday, and not just as a long weekend!

Okay...I'm done! Back to today's post, in which it was so warm after the snowy weekend that I didn't need to wear a light jacket! I decided to pair my green plaid shirt and yellow jeans! Mixing plaid with colored jeans is actually a favorite of mine!

All in all,  I really hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a week filled with happiness, joy and gloss!


(Gram negative E. Coli and Gram positive Bacillus subtilis) 

Today we learned about gram staining in my microbiology lab. The cell walls of different bacteria determine how well the stain will adhere and thus determine the color. Gram positive bacteria have a cell wall with a thick layer of peptidogylcan and stains love them, but gram negative bacteria have thin layers of peptidogylcan with an extra lipopolysacarrhide outer member and don't take stain well (this alps makes them more resistant to certain antibiotics). It's important as a doctor to know which type of bacteria your patient might be infected with in order to treat the condition properly!


The weather forecast was true! We got snow in the Carolinas last night! In the south, snow is always like the event of the century... you guys should have seen the shelves at the grocery stores! I'm not the biggest fan of the cold, but I can resist fresh white snow, so I ventured out for a few minutes and immediately retreated back to the warmth of indoor heating before my toes fell off! If the temp is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you won't see me out for too long (I am a true Southerner!)

My favorite Green Plaid Coat from Goodwill purchased a few years ago!


It's been a rainy start to the new year and the days have been pretty gray, so I'd thought I would brighten it up with some lighter colors. I've also been pretty ill since Christmas so I was definitely in need of some bright and fun colors!

In today's post, I paired my mint green sweater with my light wash Boyfriends jeans and added my favorite sequin beanie from Target and a cute neon pink belt for an extra pop!

Did you guys also hear it's supposed to snow this weekend in NC?! I normally don't get my hopes up for snow this early in North Carolina but I'll be watching from my window...


It’s that time again, another 365 days has come and passed. Every year it seems as if the year has gone by so quickly and yet although I can’t believe 2016 is ending so soon, I definitely feel the world and I need a fresh start that 2017 will bring!
Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions of what we hope to accomplish in the new year and while there are a few determined souls that actually stick to theirs, most of us already have either broken or given up before Groundhog’s Day!   Most of the time, I know when I make New Year’s Resolution I always have a little thought in the back of my head that I won’t really accomplish them, but it’s the thought that counts… well this year feels different! By writing my resolutions and sharing them with you all, I feel as if it will keep me accountable and really help me accomplish my goals for 2017!


1.To stop doubting my abilities and trust my educational background and skills and take the MCAT. To be honest, I probably should have taken the MCAT a while ago but somewhere I lost confidence in my science ability and became afraid of a test that would “determine” whether I or not I go to medical school. *update I’ve pushed my test date back to April* I have realize it’s just exam, the right answers are on the page, and if I don’t get the score I want, I can try, try again!

2.This resolution falls in line with my first one: To stop being afraid of rejection and apply to Medical School. I’ll never know until I put myself out there!

3.Take a Vacation… I honestly haven’t been on Vacation since my spring break trip my senior year of college. My family has never prioritized vacations due to finances, but I’ve decided to travel in 2017, so it’s time to start a fund

4.Pay off all my credit cards… I unfortunately was one of the young ones that got trapped into the lure of credit when I turned 18. Although it’s not a lot of debt and I could have paid it off by now, I never prioritize it. But I’m an adult and eventually I’ll want to buy a house or another purchase that will require a loan and I would love to have Good Credit and be financially responsible

5.Treat myself at least once a week… I know I just said that I’m trying to save for a trip and pay off my credit cards, but I want to treat myself to something small at least once a week. We all need a pat on the back from ourselves!

6.Organize my house and immediately put things back where they belong when I’m finished with… some of you may already do this but I live in organized chaos and I really want to just organized peace!

7.Become a conversational speaker in Spanish… I took Spanish for 8+ years and even placed out of it for college, but haven’t studied it since my senior year in high school. I’m pretty good at reading and writing, but I can barely hold a 2 minute convo with a native speaker and although I can pick out a few words, I feel like too much of a fraud to try to actually speak it myself. I know it takes years to become fluent and nothing is like full immersion, but I hate that all knowledge has gone to waste and want to use more of Spanish in my everyday life!

8.Find a piece of beauty and happiness in each day and record it. I’ve never been a big fan of journaling but this year I really want to appreciate something good in each day and make sure to write it down so in 365 days I can look back and realize just how wonderful 2017 was!

If you ever wondered what Aud Lang Syne means, it translates to Times gone by in Scottish!

Hope you all have a start to the new year filled with Happiness, Joy, Gloss and of course a pop of a Champagne Bottle!

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