8:00 AM

Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, but I must rant a little... 

The long weekend we just had due to Monday being a Holiday and like many long weekends due to Holidays we sometimes forget what we are meant to be celebrating. It broke my heart to hear my 8 year old neighbor tell me he had no idea why we had today off and that he had never heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... of course being me, that meant it was history lesson time! As a black women and an American, I think it's essential that our children know the history of this country and the World. " Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it". I know we get caught up in having an extra day to sleep in and sales in stores, but let's make sure we always take to time to remember the importance of a Holiday, and not just as a long weekend!

Okay...I'm done! Back to today's post, in which it was so warm after the snowy weekend that I didn't need to wear a light jacket! I decided to pair my green plaid shirt and yellow jeans! Mixing plaid with colored jeans is actually a favorite of mine!

All in all,  I really hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a week filled with happiness, joy and gloss!

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