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Mind Blown that I'm officially in my mid-twenties!
(BTW I love this shirt of a bull skull with flowers, because I am a True Taurus)

I can't believe I'm officially in my mid-twenties. I swear I just turned 21 yesterday and it seems as if my twenties are flying by. It hit me one day last week,that if you had asked 18 year old me, six years ago what my life would look like, I would have told you I'd finishing my second or third year of medical school, probably met my future hubby, and on the way to financial stability. Not still living at home, just now applying to medical school, still single, and deep and continuing to dig deep into a debt hole that I can imagine crawling out of. BUT I truly feel like I'm exactly where I''m supposed to be.

I have a saying that I wholeheartedly believe in: Amor Fati. I believe in it so much, I wore it on my graduation cap from college!

My UNC 2015 Graduation Cap!

 It means "Lover of One's Fate" and it means that the good, bad and all in between are apart of one's life and existence and an acceptance of that. Not saying that efforts to improve life are futile or shouldn't be attempted, but instead a sense of contentment with life. I will always try reach for the stars and chase my dreams, but it's important for me to make sure I don't get so wrapped up in achieving future happiness, that I forget to be happy now!

So no, real life, 24 year old Ariel doesn't look like the 24 year old Ariel I imagined before, and I'm sure 30 year old me won't look like how I imagine her now (of course I still plan and dream, I won't ever stop), but that's perfect okay and I'm perfectly okay! I may not be where I want to be now, but I'm sure I will be one day, and all the twist and turns are all of part of this long, and crazy roller-coaster we call life! And I happen to LOVE roller coasters! So "please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times" and ENJOY!

Recently I read in article from TIME that stated that 23 and 69 were the happiest ages of life. Although I loved "feeling 22" and 23 was awesome, I hoping I only get happier with each increasing year of life!

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