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Happy Friday!

It's officially been a weekend of freedom for me! I finished my summer program at UNC SOM last Friday and came back to Charlotte, and I have to admit, I'M BORED! I won't complain too much about the free time (I'm finally catching up on Pretty Little Liars), but it's been strange not having anything to study for... no classes, no tests, no MCAT. I'm "officially" (fingers crossed) done studying for ANYTHING until medical school.

Now it's time for me to jump into the adult working world for a year and just enjoy my time off! Speaking of enjoying my time off, last Sunday, I took the opportunity to go see Girls Trip and today I saw The Dark Tower. Both are MUST-SEES!  Spending all my summers studying, I missed so many summer blockbusters... but not this year!

Today's outfit post is from my relaxing day of the movies and the park, last Sunday! I'm wearing a cute ruffled, embroidered shirt by Isa + Ella from Marshall's, paired with my white jeans and my favorite yellow clutch from

Top- Marshall's
Earrings- Charming Charlie

Checkout my update on my summer program next week!

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