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Happy Friday the 13TH! Do you guys know that there were only 2 Fridays on the 13th day of a month this year! And I'm so excited that this year one happened to be in October! Having the superstitious day in October feels like two Halloweens in one month!
To celebrate I had actually planned on going to see the new film: Happy Death Day that premieres tonight! But I actually got to attend an advanced screening and let me tell you this movie is the perfect thriller/horror flick for tonight and this month! I jumped, screamed (I tried to be quiet) and mostly laughed! I love a horror movie that keeps me on the edge but also is comedic! Think Groundhog Day, Scream and a mix of Mean Girls! I definitely recommend it and if you're for something scary but not terrifying! Normally I self-ban horror movies because I won't be able to sleep for at least 2 days 😂

Also if you're looking for so more flicks for tonight or the rest of October, these are my 13 favorites (in no particular order):

1. Rosemary's Baby (Classic and Remake)
2. The Haunted Mansion
3. Twitches
4. Evil Dead (Remake)
5. The Little Vampire
6. Underworld Series
7. Hocus Pocus (I was not happy to hear about a remake in the works!)
8. Van Helping
9. Halloweentown (the first and second ones are the best!)
10. Orphan
11. Coraline
12. The Orphanage (Spanish movie)
13. The Shining (of course I had to include a Stephen King film)

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