HAPPY 2018!

11:28 PM

Happy New Year!
I've been MIA lately because I've been so wrapped up in work and honestly stressing about medical school as interview season is coming to an end (BTW, I got another Interview Invite and will be interviewing at the end of January!)
I wanted to write a quick post for the new year and talk about my dreams and goals for 2018. Every year I told myself that I would make a vision board to help visualize my goals for the upcoming year, but unfortunately, I'd never get around to it. But this year, I finally had enough free time to make one!

My goals for 2018:
- to Travel more and get another stamp on my passport. I haven't used my passport since 2014, when I traveled to Ghana for my Global Medical Brigade Trip, and I would love to see more of the world this year before my passport expires.
-to Chase and Fulfill my dreams of going to medical school.
-to Capture more of life and my experiences through photography
- to Read more. Reading was my first love and with school and work, it took a back seat, but I'd like to read for leisure again!
- to Be Inspired and Love life!

I hope you guys have a 2018 full of Happiness, Joy and Gloss!

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