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I've been living in the South my entire life so I should be used to the idea that we truly only have two seasons of out four. In North Carolina, we have a blazing summer and the mildest of winters. A true fall or spring don't really exist, yet they're my two favorite seasons for fashion... so my weather expectation and reality never align with what I want to wear. Transitional pieces like this duster cardigan are perfect for in between seasons especially on days when it may be 50 degrees in the morning and 70 in the afternoon (you just never know), and they're perfect for layering yet lightweight enough that I don't get overheated!

I found this pink one for less than $12 on I've ordered from Shein a few times and to be honest, it's a hit or miss. I've learned to only buy products that are displayed on models because it's a better chance of receiving the item you expected... This duster cardigan was a HIT! I'm 4'11 but it hits right at my ankle and doesn't drag (or actually dust the floor lol) and the color is the perfect shade of pink for spring! I definitely see myself wearing it throughout the entire season and maybe on some cooler summer days with shorts!

I paired the pink duster with a lace-trimmed cami and my old baggy boyfriend jeans I found at GoodWill a few years ago (btw I have a Spring GoodWill post coming next week!) and my favorite taupe ankle booties (I wear these year-round).

Hope you guys are having a warm start to spring filled with happiness, joy, and gloss,

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