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Happy December 26th! The day after Christmas is always a little sad because all month long, we've been counting down until the big Day, it comes and goes so quickly, but I'm not ready to stop talking about it just yet...

I looove plaid, so naturally I love Tartan! So this year's theme for my Christmas decor was Tartan everything!

Did you know that all Tartan patterns are plaids, but not all plaids are Tartan? I'm crazy enough that I spent 20 minutes googling the difference!

Tartan is one of the most classic patterns during the Holiday season! It looks great in scarves, dresses,shoes, and Christmas decor! In  Christmas post a few years back, I wore a red Tartan Dress from Kohl's and this year I'll be sticking to tradition!

Skirt- Nasty Gal

Matching PJs- Macy's 

Parchment Paper- T.J. Maxx

Plaid Ornament- Old Keepsake 

Plaid Button Down- Old Navy

Plaid Plate- Hobby Lobby
Believe Plaid- Dollar Tree
Gold Charger- Dollar Tree

But remember, everything in moderation... you don't want to end up like Charlotte's apartment after her mother-in-law Bunny got a hold of it!

Image result for charlotte sex and the city bunny

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas filled with Happiness Joy and Gloss!

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