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I Love Doc McStuffins! I wish this show had been around when I was younger, she (is) would have been my Idol! 

Exactly 7 days before Christmas, I received the best early Christmas gift I could ask for. The e-mail came when I was at work, and immediately my palms began to sweat. It was a vague e-mail that simply read "see the attached below", and I slowly began to panic until I hovered over the attachment that was titled "Offer Package". Breathlessly, I read the e-mail and then excused myself to restroom, afraid I would start to cry at my desk. Then, I returned to my desk to re-read the e-mail 5 more times, making sure I read it correctly, I did. After the holidays, I had two more interviews and last week I received my final decision from the last school I interviewed for and was Accepted. All in all, I interviewed at three schools and was accepted into all three! 

As you know, this is my second application cycle after unfortunately not making it off the waitlist of two schools last cycle. It was a scary decision to reapply immediately after a unsuccessful cycle. I feared that I would be rejected again, and worse not even get interviews because I was a fresh re- applicant. I worried that schools I applied to last cycle would see my application and  say "well, we didn't want her last year, why would we want her this year?"  I ultimately decided to reapply the following cycle after seeking advice on my first application and added shadowing, volunteer and clinical experience with my full-time job as a phlebotomist. I was confident in my first application, but I believe that this year I walked into my first interview even stronger. Unfortunately, with acceptances, we never really get the chance to discover why they said "Yes", but I'd like to think that my research on why they said "No", the year before, helped me this time around!

It still hasn't fully sunk in yet that next fall (really this summer!) , I'll be starting medical school and in four years I will officially be doctor! A dream of mine, since I was three years old is on its way to becoming a reality. This is to say, NEVER give up on your dreams!

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